[dmd-beta] 64 bit beta for Linux

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmx.com
Sun Feb 6 18:54:36 PST 2011

On Sunday 06 February 2011 18:41:04 Jason House wrote:
> On Feb 6, 2011, at 9:27 PM, Jonathan M Davis <jmdavisProg at gmx.com> wrote:
> > For projects that _don't_ have that
> > problem but use druntime and Phobos, wouldn't they either just use
> > prebuilt libraries for them or use druntime and Phobos' makefiles when
> > building them, at which point whether they use -D on their project or
> > not has nothing to do with druntime or Phobos.
> > 
> > Or am I missing something here?
> If someone uses -D, then all imported code will be interpreted as the ddoc
> version. That could mess up template code and inlined functions imported
> from druntime and Phobos.

Ah, good point. That _does_ change things. Okay. I guess that Andrei's 
suggestion would be a good solution, though honestly, I would the problem to be 
more generally solved. If building with -D or version=D_Ddoc didn't actually 
generate code, then no one would ever run into this problem again. It _would_ 
force the documentation generation to be done separately, but that doesn't 
really strike me as being a big deal (though some people are likely to disagree 
with me on that). -unittest and -cov are already special in a similar manner.

If we go with Andrei's solution, then people won't run into the problem with 
Phobos or druntime, but anyone who runs into it with their own code will have to 
figure it out. So, Andrei's solution is a decent one, but I'd prefer that -D just 
didn't generate code.

- Jonathan M Davis

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