[dmd-beta] Time for a beta?

Lars Tandle Kyllingstad lars at kyllingen.net
Tue Feb 7 10:42:45 PST 2012

Yay!  This means we can finally make some progress on replacing 
std.process.  I haven't had much time for D development lately (though 
I've been lurking on the NG and mailing lists) but I will try to make 
time for this.


On 05/02/12 03:16, Walter Bright wrote:
> Will do.
> On 2/3/2012 7:10 AM, Steve Schveighoffer wrote:
>> Sorry I haven't been active lately, My family and I have had the
>> stomach bug for the last week :(
>> But if you could include those snn.lib changes that you pulled for
>> pipes to work on Windows in the next release, I'd really appreciate it!
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