[dmd-beta] Preparation for 2.65

Martin Nowak code at dawg.eu
Thu Dec 5 03:36:07 PST 2013

On 12/04/2013 03:25 AM, Andrew Edwards wrote:
> In preparation for the 2.065 release, a new branch has been 2.065 
> branch an appropriate tag (v2.065-b1) has been created. Please 
> coordinate all efforts to start resolving regressions and bug fixes 
> for this release. New additional new features not already implemented 
> in master will be considered for inclusion in the 2.065 release.
IIRC this workflow requires a different handling of github pull requests.
Something like merging into the LTS branch and regularly merging LTS 
into master or so.
It will take some time to teach this to every maintainer and we might 
need to improve the wiki documentation.

For the next release (2.065) I propose we stick to merging into master 
and cherry-picking regression fixes into the beta branch.

I'm also working with Nick on getting the create_dmd_release tool running.
This should be an intermediate solution to building dmd2.zip releases 
until we
have platform specific build scripts.
When this is merged I will update the wiki.

 From Walter we still need a decision which tools are strictly needed 
for a dmd release.
Currently dmd2.zip ships with some opaque binary tools that noone can build.
See http://forum.dlang.org/post/swemotqxyuqqhenwtidt@forum.dlang.org for 
more details.

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