[dmd-beta] DMD v2.066.0-b3

Kenji Hara via dmd-beta dmd-beta at puremagic.com
Fri Jul 11 19:00:24 PDT 2014

2014-07-12 9:00 GMT+09:00 Andrew Edwards via dmd-beta <
dmd-beta at puremagic.com>:

> The v2.066.0-b3 binaries are now available. The review period for beta 3
> will run until 0700 UTC (0000 PDT, 0300 EDT, 1600 JST) on 14 July 2014, at
> which time binaries for RC1 will be produced and released. Due diligence in
> identifying regressions as early as possible is requested and appreciated.
> Issue 13101, [1], is provided for identifying anyfixedregressions that
> needs to be picked and included in RC1.

To Andrew Edwards:

I think you made wrong beta3 release, because v2.066.0-b3 tag is not on the
HEAD of each repos.

For example, in dmd repository:



Kenji Hara
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