[dmd-beta] DMD v2.066.0-rc1

Brad Anderson via dmd-beta dmd-beta at puremagic.com
Thu Jul 31 11:26:01 PDT 2014

Works fine on Windows for my limited tests. The installer directory issue
is resolved.

I have two issues, the first of which wouldn't require changes to the RC
(phew!). The second issue would require a new RC to resolve but could be
considered optional.

First issue:

As part of the installer revamp I took out D1 and DMC and made separate
installer scripts for them which the revamped installer will optionally
download and install if the user asks for them. This requires installers
for D1 and DMC to be built. It's as simple downloading the latest D1 and
DMC zips, extracting them, then running:

    makensis /DEmbedD1Dir=<d1dir> /DVersion1=<d1ver> d1-installer.nsi


    makensis /DEmbedDmcDir=<dmcdir> /DVersionDmc=<dmcver> dmc-installer.nsi

And uploading the result to the DigitalMars FTP (at least) and the D
download site (ideally). The URLs the D2 installer expects are shown here:

This would only need to be done once and for every new release of D1 and
DMC (which are few and far between).

I could do this for you and give you a link to download for you to reupload
but I think it's probably more appropriate to have it generated by someone
with more official standing. If you'd rather I do it just let me know.

Second issue:

I removed the downloading of Curl from the installer with the goal that we
switch to just having it embedded with the rest. The release builder script
makes use of Nick's localextras zip. If my understanding is correct we
could just add curl to that zip and it'd get included in the release. It's
up to you whether to fix this for 2.066 or to just include it in 2.067. In
the meantime, end users could just do what they used to do to get curl:
download and extract the curl zip on the download page into the
installation folder.

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