[dmd-internals] next release?

Brad Roberts braddr at puremagic.com
Wed Oct 13 23:31:10 PDT 2010

On 10/6/2010 2:50 PM, Don Clugston wrote to the dmd-internals list:
> All except rsinfu's patch for 4217 are very simple.
> 4825 Regression(1.057, 2.040) "Error: non-constant expression" with -inline
> 2943 Struct copying in presence of alias member this only copies alias
> this member
>      also fixes 4641 Associative arrays of structs with alias this broken
> 4949 ICE on invalid static if using value of 'this'
> 4873 Assertion failure: '0' on line 1483 in file 'expression.c'
> This unimportant but trivial one is from dstress. Note: there's an
> if() goto Lbaddim; in the patch which isn't not marked with +.
> 4623 Non-integer type allowed as static array size

All of these are marked fixed, but not listed in the current changelog.dd file

> 4217 Function overloads are not distinguished when instantiating templates

Not marked as fixed yet.


It's been a month since the last release, so it's probably about time to start
considering a release.  The changelog is awfully small compared to the last
several releases, but they can't all be major winners.



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