[dmd-internals] runnable/interpret.d + -O == failure

Brad Roberts braddr at puremagic.com
Thu Oct 21 11:19:23 PDT 2010

On 10/21/2010 10:09 AM, Walter Bright wrote:
> Brad Roberts wrote:
>> Walter, this is one of the reasons I groaned when you told me you hadn't
>> actually TESTED the change you made to the new test suite.  Shame shame shame on
>> you.
> Actually, I did test it, just with my runner, which doesn't run with -O.

Then you didn't test the same change.. since you enabled -O as part of the
argument combinations.

Anyway.. it's currently still broken, and that's the important part.  Getting
walter to use the public test suite is important, but slightly less so.

So someone needs to work on a fix.  Normally I'd say revert, but behavior
changes between -O and not are pretty serious, imho.

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