[dmd-internals] gcc-multilib dependency in 64-bit .deb?

Jordi Sayol g.sayol at yahoo.es
Fri Aug 17 01:25:02 PDT 2012

Al 10/02/12 18:52, En/na Leandro Lucarella ha escrit:
> Alex, el 10 de febrero a las 19:03 me escribiste:
>> Never mind. It is of course because DMD can build 32-bit programs on
>> 64-bit and vice versa. It just struck me as odd initially. Still, it's
>> a bit annoying having to pull in gcc-multilib if you just want to
>> build 64-bit programs...
> Maybe it should recommend gcc-multilib instead of requiring it.

Another possibility is to create smaller deb packages, with just the libphobos for the host.

Jordi Sayol

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