[dmd-internals] To consume pull requests for trivial bugs

Andrei Alexandrescu andrei at erdani.com
Mon Aug 20 11:39:08 PDT 2012

On 8/20/12 2:31 PM, David Nadlinger wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 8:09 PM, Brad Roberts<braddr at puremagic.com>  wrote:
>> Sorry, but the fix to not enough people with front end experience doing
>> code reviews is not to not do code reviews.
> Agreed, but I'd like to add that this is a general problem with DMD
> development (maintainability?) - even Walter regularly commits code
> which doesn't even pass the auto tester.

This issue is a symptom of a simple underlying problem: we don't have 
enough contributors. Kenji tried to find a solution within the current 
constraints, whereas Brad responded from an "enough reviewers" frame of 

I think we need to add more active committers to dmd.


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