[dmd-internals] To consume pull requests for trivial bugs

Leandro Lucarella luca at llucax.com.ar
Tue Aug 21 06:21:23 PDT 2012

kenji hara, el 20 de August a las 11:40 me escribiste:
> I had been invited as dmd committer a month ago, but haven't been able
> to consume pull requests.
> The top three of pulls at 2012/08/20:
>   37 pulls : my front-end changes
>   17 pulls : yebblies's front-end changes
>   13 pulls : dawgfoto's backend and front-end changes
> -> 67/103 (65% of all pulls)
> and, as far as I seen half of them are trivial bug fixes and LGTM.
> But they are yet not merged by the following reasons.
> #1. Some of them are mine, so I cannot merge without others reviewing.
> #2. Some of them are already outdated, so I cannot merge them without
> small fix-up.
>     But, even if I add some fix-ups to them, I can not merge them by
> the reason #1 .

I think ideally somebody should review your commits, but if you've been
offered commit rights, then it's implied you don't *need* review (nobody
reviews Walter commits, not at least before they are pushed to the
repo). Again, it would be ideal if somebody else review the patch, but
I don't think it should be a blocker.

But that's just *my* POV and I have no idea what does it mean for Walter
to give commit rights (I guess is push rights in git terminology).

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