[dmd-internals] auto-tester updates

Brad Roberts braddr at puremagic.com
Tue Nov 5 01:13:08 PST 2013

I pushed some updates to the auto-tester tonight:

All of d.puremagic.com now supports https as well as http, though parts might well redirect back or 
link directly to http (let me know if you find any so I can fix them).  I also changed bugzilla's 
configuration to consider https it's base url, though I notice it doesn't enforce all urls to be 
https.  It's way past time for that part of the site to not be sending passwords in the clear.  I'll 
be setting the http side up to redirect to https tomorrow, probably.  This could itself cause 
problems if there's any places left on the site that attempt to redirect to http explicitly.  I'll 
do my best to root out those problems before you guys hit them.

In addition to being an important security improvement for bugzilla, the https changes are an 
prerequisite step towards integrating with github and using oauth to establish identity.  Once that 
work is done, everyone who's a member of one of the github teams for the various repositories will 
be allowed to:

   1) add new people to the list of pull requests to test, no longer depending on me to do it
   2) toggle the auto-merge state of pull requests for repositories you have pull rights to at github

The auto-merge work is about 90% complete.  Some of the UI elements will show up as I complete the 
work.  So, if you see parts that indicate that requests will be automatically merged, it's a bit of 
a lie, for another day or two.  I'll send more mail when it's actually live with details about how 
it works and where to look for the controls.  For the first version, the toggling of the auto-merge 
flag will be only through the d.puremagic.com site.  At some point, I'll integrate with the comment 
system at github, but that will require more work and care.

As usual, if anything seems broken, shout.


(yeah, I'm pushing new code into production and then shortly thereafter going to bed.. fingers crossed)

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