[dmd-internals] dmd 2.065 focus on ICEs

Walter Bright walter at digitalmars.com
Tue Nov 12 14:11:09 PST 2013

I'd like this to be a fairly short release cycle (get it out by the end of the 
year) and focus on bug fixes rather than enhancements. Of particular interest is 
in reducing the ICE list down to size:


There are 62 at the moment. If we can cut this in half that will be great 
progress. ICE's make us all look bad and unprofessional far out of proportion to 
their technical value. In today's compiler ecosystem ICE's are far less 
acceptable than they used to be.

Even if you are not up to submitting a fix, vetting the issues (many will likely 
be already fixed), getting reduced test cases, etc., is all valuable work.

Also, if there are any ICE's that are not tagged with the ICE keyword, please 
fix them!

Let's kick some ice ass.

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