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Sun Jun 12 04:50:49 PDT 2016

As I have briefly mentioned in the NG before, I'd like to take over DIP
management and turn it into something more transparent and powerful
compared to what we have now.


There are two major goals that motivate me here:

1) Lack of reliable communication mechanism with language authors.

Existing DIP list is simply a collection of ideas that may or may not be
looked at - not as easily lost as NG topic but not much different in all
other regards.

But of course it is impossible for Andrei and Walter to put enough
attentions in all proposal to guaranteed response and decision for each
of them - it takes too much time to dive into the context to only
discover that specific DIP lacks some crucial bit of information.

2) Necessity to have a centralized place to track major language/process

One of greatest issues of using D at work for me is a constant fear that
upstream will make a major language change that harms our projects
without noticing it timely. It is not reasonable to expect for all
commercial D users to regularly read through NG and Github issues to
provide feedback on matters important for them.

DIP system can be a great way to fix it. If all major changes are
required to undergo DIP approval process, it becomes possible to simply
subscribe to the feed of approved DIPs to figure out what is coming


I have described my vision of new process here:
https://github.com/Dicebot/DIPs , check
https://github.com/Dicebot/DIPs/blob/master/README.md for actual

Essentially it tries to address transparency issue by minimizing routine
information digging effort on Andrei and Walter side and make the
process more stable by introducing regular short meetings and/or mail
discussions for DIP review.

If new process is to be approved, this repo is to be moved to dlang
organization and becomes the main place for DIP management.

@Andrei / @Walter

Crucial point of new proposed system is your commitment to schedule
regular time for DIP review. It is not that important how rare such
review happen and what exact format (mail thread or skype call or
whatever) it takes - the goal is to do it in a way most convenient to
you. However it does needs to be regular and reliable which makes this
proposed system only feasible if you can agree to such commitment.


Please express your concerns ;)

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