[dmd-internals] New DIP handling process

Михаил Страшун via dmd-internals dmd-internals at puremagic.com
Mon Jun 27 02:00:44 PDT 2016

I have updated https://github.com/Dicebot/DIPs readme with process
tweaks based on the feedback and added new tool to generate sorted
overview table for all DIPs automatically.

Main changes:

- Now all markdown documents are stored in single folder (to ensure
persistent URL) and for convienient navigation sorted table is generated
- PR itself has become an initial draft/review stage, wiki suggestions
has been removed
- More emphasis on collaboration / community interaction

I also wanted to import all implemented DIPs from wiki but have some
doubts about how better to proceed with it. Problem is that old DIPs are
really of terrible quality by the standards we want to set up for new
submissions - importing them as they are would give a very bad example
to follow.

Would anyone mind if those are rewrited the retrospectively to contain
more information about state of art?

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