[dmd-internals] Implementation change without matching spec change

Михаил Страшун via dmd-internals dmd-internals at puremagic.com
Mon Jun 27 02:06:10 PDT 2016

On 06/24/2016 09:14 AM, Walter Bright via dmd-internals wrote:
> All such issues should be files as bugzilla entries and marked with the
> 'spec' keyword.

This is fighting consequence and not a problem. Better approach would be
to have a simple checklist for all dmd/phobos mergers to follow:

- Does this PR have tests?
- Does this PR have documentation?
- Does language spec and/or dlang.org articles need to be updated? If
yes, is there a PR for that?
- Does ths PR need changelog entry? If yes, is it there?

If there is a failure on any of these points, PR must not be merged, no
exceptions or excused. Not even if it is written by you and desperately
needed by Andrei - for a simple reason that being too slow will never do
as much damage to the language as making bad quality changes.

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