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Alan Batie alan at batie.org
Sat Aug 2 12:47:43 PDT 2003

While I'm posting, I thought I would mention a couple timing tweaks I've
had to incorporate:

1.  A number of my users are from Intel, which uses Exchange.  I'm not
    sure if it's specific to their configuration or not, but it seems to
    retry every 10 minutes for a few times, then give up before the hour
    has passed.  Kinda makes sense for them, since they want timely
    delivery for business mail, or to know they need to call the person
    if it's urgent.  Anyway, I set the retry time limit down to 5 minutes
    to solve this problem, and it seems to be just as effective.  For now.

2.  Cablespeed on the other hand, seems to opt for the other direction,
    presumably assuming that if a system is down, it's down for a while
    and thus not worth wasting resources on, and doesn't retry for many
    hours, more than the 5 in the default configuration.  I've just
    changed that to 10 hours to see if that helps...  (I'd whitelisted
    them, but then another relay turned up, and if they've got two,
    they've probably got more).


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