[Greylist-users] access.db

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Sun Aug 10 15:32:50 PDT 2003

That's "as designed" behavior.  Since greylisting never permanently blocks
any mail, it doesn't heed OK entries, and assumes that they still need

If you want to exempt yahoo from spamchecks, you will need to add a tagged
entry such as:

Spam:groups.yahoo.com		FRIEND

Greylisting does pay attention to RELAY entries, so that one does not need
any changes, unless you want to make it more specific (and safer) as in:

To:robotics.net			RELAY


Connect:robotics.net		RELAY


On Sat, 9 Aug 2003, Nathan A. Stratton wrote:

> I have the following in access (then ran makemap to build access.db)
> ratmang at hotmail.com             REJECT
> robotics.net                    RELAY
> 66.218.66                       OK
> yahoo-inc.com                   OK
> groups.yahoo.com                OK
> egroups.com                     OK
> However I still tempfail groups.yahoo.com. I am running latest CVS relay
> delay and have my access.db listed in .conf.
> ><>
> Nathan Stratton
> nathan at robotics.net
> http://www.robotics.net

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