[Greylist-users] disk usage

Scott Nelson scott at spamwolf.com
Fri Aug 29 22:23:06 PDT 2003

At 12:13 PM 8/26/03 -0700, Alan Batie wrote:
>On Mon, Aug 25, 2003 at 12:31:02PM -0700, scott at spamwolf.com wrote:
>> One server I manage has 409 email addresses that have been using 
>> greylisting for over 30 days.  Currently, they have 151164 records.
>> The exact number varies with time, but not much after the first 3 days.
>> At 32 bytes per record, that's a little more than 4 megabytes.
>My system is not much larger, but processes between 40,000 and 50,000
>messages/day ("from=" lines in maillog), and 35-45K "Milter" entries.
>I'm assuming the diff is the legitimate mail...
>Here's the mysql database dir

The original post was asking about the size of the data 
/using a custom database/.
That's why I talked about the number of records, 
not the size of those records in mySQL form.

And I also mentioned that the triplets can be stored not as
the full text of the from, to, and ip,  but as the hash of those.
I.e. instead of 
 greylist-users-bounces at lists.puremagic.com, 
 scott at spamwolf.com,

You can just store the 16 bytes

Not only is that much smaller, it's also a constant size which makes
it much easier to deal with in an embedded system environment.

Scott Nelson <scott at spamwolf.com>

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