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Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Thu Dec 11 22:09:31 PST 2003

> It depends on your mail volume (hundreds or millions
> a day?), and you should care more about your bandwidth 
> and disk than CPU/memory, as greylisting is nearly 
> free processing-wise (unlike full text filtering).

I should have clarified. I will be doing mail just for myself. I send
and receive about 40 messages a day.

Bandwidth is plenty. My questions deal mainly with getting such a system
setup. If I was running a server for a large organization, I certainly
would care about bandwidth.

> You certainly will not be able to buy a computer 
> that is too slow for a personal SMTP server, 
> even a PDA would probably be overkill.

I am thinking of using P3 450 with 384 MB. That should probably be

What operating system is best for graylisting?


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