[Greylist-users] Greylist on Postfix

Emiel Kollof coolvibe at hackerheaven.org
Wed Jul 9 18:16:09 PDT 2003

Op woensdag 25 juni 2003 19:28, schreef Corey Huinker:

> Issue #2 is a lot trickier.  We can write a smtp daemon to sit in front of
> postfix (or any other MTA for that matter).

Hmm, this might be worthwhile to do anyways. At least as a stopgap measure for 
mta's that don't have a native greylisting implementation yet. Or for people 
that don't want to patch their MTA to include greylisting support. A loose 
daemon in front of a mailserver is also the least intrusive wrt to 

I'll try to hack together a daemon or a inetd service that does basic 
greylisting. I've been looking for interesting projects to do anyway. Might 
as well be this :)


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