Another Devi: SLMail (was Re: [Greylist-users] GroupWise is the Devil)

David F. Skoll dfs at
Mon Jul 14 20:56:22 PDT 2003


It looks like something called "SLMail" also fails to handle greylisting
correctly.  SLMail seems to be this product:

>From one of my clients:

------------ Transcript of session follows ------------
-----Original Message-----
From: Mailer-Daemon [mailto:MAILER-DAEMON at hidden.for.privacy]
Sent: June 25, 2003 5:08 PM
To: Hidden For Privacy

Reason: Fatal error sending message: No legal recipients

Sending message to hidden at

-----------------First 8192 bytes of-------------------
------- Unsent message enclosed after this line -------
Received: by mail.hidden.for.privacy from localhost
    (router,slmail V5.1); Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:08:21 -0400
    for <hidden at>
Received: from hidden []
 by mail.hidden.for.privacy []  (SLmail with ESMTP
 id EF8CBC08EF374CBCB819E458071E21A3
 for <hidden at>; Wed, 25 Jun 2003 17:08:03 -0400
From: "---" <hidden at hidden.for.privacy>
To: "'X. Y. Z.'" <hidden at>
Subject: kzyyzyz

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