[Greylist-users] General Q about the milter interface and greylisting.

Eric S ejs at bfd.com
Fri Jul 18 18:34:53 PDT 2003

On Fri, 18 Jul 2003, Evan Harris wrote:

> > Second, short of recompiling Sendmail to use Berkely DB 3.X is there any
> > decent way to get at Sendmail's access.db?
> Why would you need to recompile sendmail?  It should use whatever version is
> standard for your system.

Which in the case of FreeBSD, is still BDB 1.8(something), if I remember
correctly.  I can't remember why they haven't upgraded, but I remember
there being a debate over it for some reason.  I'd assumed that all I had
to do was install a newer version of BDB and recompile sendmail (easy
enough).  The reason I was thinking that a newer version might be needed
is because in order to access access.db, milter-sender requires DBD 3.3 or
later, and I know that one of the improvements in the newer versions of
DBD is the improved ability to have multiple programs accessing the
database at the same time.  Probably not an issue, seeing as I don't think
sendmail is getting an exclusive lock on the access.db file.

FWIW, there's the current TODO list for my implementation:

# ToDo:
#       Stability checking
#               In Process.
#       Check IDENT strings
#               DONE: 2003/07/18 (not tested)
#       Use global hash for reject data config w/single subroutine.
#       Logging
#       Use Storable instead of BinPickle?
#       Use empty string instead of NULL for unique index support of
#		wildcards?
#       More Error Handling
#       Use Evan's local interface detection trick (still need to catch
#               local subnets, but not external subnet).
#       Track and delete newly created tickets if it turns out to be
#               a deferred REJECT (defer ticket creation?)
#       Tracking data for reports
#       Autoblacklisting on severely bad HELO
#       Autowhitelisting outbound connections? (not from my domain to
#		my domain).
#       Check for HELOs that don't resolve, the parent domain doesn't
#               resolve, and the helo doesn't match the leftmost part of
#               the rDNS. (up one or two levels?)
#       DHVP support?
#       Gather Body, delete it on eom or abort
#       Integrate spamChecker
#       VERP-detection? (defer delay unti I've checked the headers
#               to see if it's really mailing list traffic).
#       Domain-level whitelist of any mailinglists using unique senders?
#       Sender Verification?
#       Prevent non-existant rcpt To:s from creating tickets/rcpts
#       pull relay info (maybe other as well) from access.db
#       More Stability checking

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