[Greylist-users] Milter error with latest CVS

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Mon Jul 21 20:46:05 PDT 2003

> > Aha!  Looks like I have a bug if $tempfail_messages_after_data_phase is set.
> > I'll fix that tonight.  Disable that, and it should behave better.
> Thanks, that worked!!

The bugfix was really simple, I'm surprised I missed it.  The fix is in CVS

> > > > No.  Milters are additive.  If any milter or sendmail rule would block the
> > > > mail, it gets blocked.  Using relaydelay.pl will not make other parts accept
> > > > the mail when they normally wouldn't.
> > >
> > > Any way to change that? I would love sendmail to use the relaydelay
> > > whitelist if possible even if it is dns blacklisted.
> >
> > You can turn dns blacklist checks off for certain hosts, but that's a
> > sendmail feature.  Check out
> >
> > http://www.sendmail.org/~ca/email/doc8.12/cf/m4/anti_spam.html
> Any way to get sendmail to use your db or relaydelay to use sendmail
> access db? (I noticed some of this in the archives, I have not had a
> chance to read all the back posts yet).

I'm currently in the middle of adding access.db checking to the milter.  I
hope to have working code with that feature in cvs in the next couple of
days, and if some people test it and have no problems, I'll probably gen a
new rev the end of the week or this coming weekend.


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