[Greylist-users] qmail implementation

Eirik Oeverby ltning at anduin.net
Mon Jun 23 19:46:09 PDT 2003

I'd like to know the same. I have some pretty large qmail servers where
this is exactly what I have been looking for - admin level spam blocking
with ~zero chance of false positives. The only other solution I've
implemented system-wide is a RBL (spamhaus) but it's unfortunately not
very effective. Cuts off about 20-30 % of the spam, but that still
leaves significant amounts. I'm estimating I pass around 3-500 MBytes of
spam every 24 hours.

Anyone working on a qmail implementation should definitely let
us all know ;) I imagine it'll be a bit difficult (more so than with
exim, anyway) since qmail-smtpd needs to be wrapped in some way. If
someone could tell me how to do that, I could easily implement the
filter and the database itself, but I don't have the time to investigate
how to tap into qmail-smtpd.
I'd also prefer that part of the job to be done by someone who has done
it before, since I don't want to lose the advantage of qmail - no mail
that enters the qmail system is ever lost, no matter what part of the
chain fails (in theory).


On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 17:26:17 -0600 (MDT)
Tony Arcieri <tarcieri at atmos.colostate.edu> wrote:

> I was simply curious if anyone has begun work on a qmail version...
> Tony Arcieri
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