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Claudemir Todo Bom devel at wiredway.com.br
Tue Jun 24 20:47:26 PDT 2003

Em Ter, 2003-06-24 às 18:10, martin dempsey escreveu:
    > I am using the exim from Debian. I've already customized the Debian
    > package for it, as I maintain a lot of servers, I really need to stick
    > on a stable package.
    I am using Debian as well (also on many servers). Its not a big problem to  
    have some custom software on a Debian box. There is nothing unstable about 
    Exim version 4. Been around and tested for a long time. Much as I like 
    Debian, you just have to accept Debian isn't in a hurry. When you compile 
    your own software, you're just trusting your own ability rather than the 
    debian package maintainer.

You're right... I think that this is more a matter of taste when applied
to myself and a matter of easyness when applied to my customers.

I like to have things packaged and maintained by the dpkg thing. All the
software I have on all customers are .deb packages, I can replace
anything just putting a new .deb file on the repository that all my
customers have on their sources-list, and I want to keep this procedure,
at least for my customers.

I really trust debian maintainers' skills a lot than my own skills, but
I really do not know how I'll address this problem... for now, the spam
is a problem of mine, I have a ratio of 80% of spam messages on my
mailboxes... I want to kill then before spamassassin and anti-virus
protection takes place.
    > I'll try to convert the package of exim 4 using the source package from
    > unstable (it is not on testing yet) version of Debian, can you point me
    > to your implementation of greylisting?
    I made up a page so web people can download the current version. So far its 
    changing frequently and has only existed for less than a week.  
Just readed it. looks great. I need one info: does this local_scan thing
takes place before the DATA has been received? if yes, this can save a
lot of bandwidth on receiving spam.

    Personally, I would just download the standard Exim 4.20 code from 
    www.exim.org and put any customizations like file paths in the Makefile 
    rather than messing with source packages in "unstable". In fact, thats 
    exactly what I did.
    Specific Debian notes: My makefile puts the compiled code out in 
    /usr/local/sbin rather than the debian standard of /usr/sbin. So you need to 
    update the cron files and/or make a link for /usr/sbin/exim to point to the 
    version in /usr/local/sbin/. Or change the makefile to toss the stuff in 

This is the pain I try to avoid making .deb files using the already
available debian source package... but I don't think it will work on
Woody right now... let's see what happens when I try it.
    Also, the old version of exim on debian was compiled with version five of the 
    berkely db libraries. A new exim version will use version seven. 
    Since these are incompatible, after you install exim version 4.xx you need to 
    rebuild the db files in /var/spool/exim/db with the exim 4.xx db executables.
I think that if I use a .deb generated from debian's source package it
will be done automagically...

    With the proto-instructions from the link above, you should be in the 
    exim/greylisting business. Let me know how it goes.

I'm on a rush right now... I'll probably try this on next week, will
keep you informed of any progress, and, if I get sucess on making a .deb
file for woody, it will be available too.

Best Regards,
Claudemir Todo Bom
devel at wiredway.com.br
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