[Greylist-users] What timeouts should be used with greylisting

martin dempsey mjd at digitaleveryware.com
Wed Jun 25 10:58:48 PDT 2003

> Adding subject and/or message size to the tuple would punish legitimate
> senders too much.  Anyone I haven't explicitly whitelisted would have
> to go through the retry routine for every message they send me!  I think
> you'd find the big ISP's grumbling at you.

Perhaps I wasn't clear about my suggested implementation. If you used 
"subject" in addition to "relay_ip","mail_from" and "rcpt_to" you would only 
require a subject match while the timer was running for the first blocked 
email. After the passed_count was 1 or more, you would ignore subject. Again, 
the idea is to let email for long time correspondents go through without 

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