[Greylist-users] What timeouts should be used with greylisting

DJ Delorie dj at delorie.com
Wed Jun 25 13:39:11 PDT 2003

> And my goal is to make them pay the maximum bandwith 
> possible as well.

What I do is add a 60 second delay before sending them the error code.
It's not the bandwidth that's important, it's the number of emails per
hour they send that is.

> So rather than the triplet we are currently using "relay_ip",
> "mail_from" and "rcpt_to" we could make it a quintuplet by adding
> "subject" and "message size".

This would negatively affect mailing lists and other regular senders.
It would be bad for each new message to get delayed.  What we want is
for the regular senders to be impacted as little as possible.

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