[Greylist-users] Greylist on Postfix

Corey Huinker corey at corlogic.com
Wed Jun 25 13:28:33 PDT 2003

I was originally tasked with the postfix implementation.  It's my MTA of

However, I ran up against two barriers:
1) Though I'm a perl nut, I'm mostly a database guy, not much of a network
2) The postfix filter architecture, as I understand it, would not make the
senders IP address available to the filter.  The filter, itself a small
SMTP daemon, would see the mail as originating from localhost.

Issue #1 can be considered as damage, and we can route around it.

Issue #2 is a lot trickier.  We can write a smtp daemon to sit in front of
postfix (or any other MTA for that matter).  We can hack postfix to add
greylisting support.  We can hack postfix to include the IP address in the
HELO line.  We can use the older pipe-based filter to wait until after the
DATA phase.

Or, Somebody might discover that I read the docs completely wrong, and
whip off a postfix greylist filter in an afternoon.  I really hope this is
the case.

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> Dear sirs:<br><br>
> I'm currently reading the list and I'm really interested in implementing
> graylisting on our 2 Postfix machines.<br><br>
> I will be glad to know when somebody when some more programming skills
> than me can do any port to Postfix, I will be glad to test or beta-test
> it.<br><br>
> Thanks Evan for this great idea to fight spam.<br><br>
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> Valor<br><br>
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