[Greylist-users] Problems with CommuniGate.

Eric S ejs at bfd.com
Fri Jun 27 11:48:22 PDT 2003

On Fri, 27 Jun 2003, Scott Nelson wrote:

> At 08:28 AM 6/27/03 -0700, Scott Nelson wrote:
> >
> >Details are sketchy at the moment, but CommuniGate seems to reject
> >mail without retrying if it the RCPT fails with 451.
> >
> Strike that, on further investigation the server in question
> /did/ retry, but the retry time is set to 12 hours
> (thier retry time, not mine)
> I just needed to go back to yesterdays log.
> Sorry, nothing to see here, move alonge.

I wouldn't say nothing to see here.  That's going to make 12 hour retries
more common than anticipated.  Hmmm... I was considering rolling my
own greylisting code anyway, so I think I'll have a dual first-time
timeout, one at 4.25 hours, one at 12.5 hours, and anything that falls
between the two gets shuffled off for human approval before getting the
extended (36 day) approval.  Ar at least tag it so that the spam filters
can take an extra-critical look at the email, including removal of the
acceptance window from the database if it's flagged as spam. :-)

In fact, my spam filtering already recognizes anything on a CommuniGate
mailing list, so that fact could automatically negate the 12 hour retry
flag.  Might even be able to flag the existence of a CommuniGate sender
even in the absense of the list by checking the last Received: header
(need to be careful though, in case of forged Received: headers).

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