[Greylist-users] My incoming mail is relay, not smtp

Tim Freeman tim at fungible.com
Fri Nov 21 12:12:12 PST 2003

>The reason I restricted it to *smtp and local only is because I didn't want
>to step on special mailers where I don't know the semantics or how they are
>being used.  Specifically in mind was uucp.

Right.  So an interesting experiment would be to set up sendmail to
receive UUCP mail and see if looking at "r" causes relaydelay to make
the right decision in that case.  If it does, then changing relaydelay
to look at "r" in general instead of "{mail_mailer}" would make it
make the right decision in all cases I know about.

I don't have the enthusiasm to try that right now, and it doesn't make
sense for me to demand that anyone else do it, but I do want to make
the experiment clear just in case someone wants to do it.

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