[Greylist-users] greylisting and VERP

Sang-yong Suh sysuh at kigam.re.kr
Wed Oct 8 09:31:26 PDT 2003

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 06:56:58AM -0400, Erik Clark wrote:
> i personally am very interested in some suggestions in handling
> new-envelope mailing lists

I am using following subroutine.

$mail_from = munge_numeric_id($mail_from, $rcpt_to);

sub munge_numeric_id {
    my $mail_from = shift;
    my $rcpt_to   = shift;

    # split $mail_from into id and domain
    my ($id, $dom) = split(/\@/, $mail_from);

    # domain part of $rcpt_to is already deleted.
    # i.e., <sysuh at kigam.re.kr> is tranformed to "sysuh".
    # $mail_from from a mailing list is something like .*-dddddd-sysuh.*@...

    return $mail_from unless ($id =~ /$rcpt_to/);

    # the sequence number must be preceded by a hyphen and optionally
    # alphas.
    if ($id =~ /-\w*\d/) {
        $id =~ s/\d/0/g;
        $mail_from = join('@', $id, $dom);
    return $mail_from;

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