[Greylist-users] stats from big sites?

Erik Clark eclark4 at gl.umbc.edu
Mon Oct 27 00:41:29 PST 2003

i fail to see how that affects anything. are you suggesting that you want
multiple processes to be writing to the file at once? sqlite != mysql, and
you really cant just make casual changes to the greylist to make it work
with sqlite. it requires a massive overhaul, and includes neccesitating
pretty good file locking. ergo: no need to concern about multiple writes to
the flat file at the same time. the only disadvantage is the large number
of open/closes on the filehandle, since you are no longer taking advantage
of a socketed connection to the file... additionally, if anything, this is
a better decision anyway, since you do not have the problem of duplicate
entries potentially making their way into the db due to conflicts in the
NOW() timestamp at insertion.


On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Denis Zhdanov wrote:

> Hello Erik,
> Monday, October 27, 2003, 7:27:31 AM, you wrote:
> EC> moving to berkeley db or sqlite would remove one
> EC> dependancy from the issue, leaving you with just perlmilter+sendmail,
> SQLite?
> >From SQLite FAQ
> http://www.hwaci.com/sw/sqlite/faq.html#q7 :
> 7) Can multiple applications or multiple instances of the same application access a single database file at the same time?
> Multiple processes can have the same database open at the same time. Multiple processes can be doing a SELECT at the same time. But only one process can be making changes to the database at once.
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