[Greylist-users] Patch to daemonize relaydelay v0.04

Martin Walker maw at synesis.net
Thu Sep 4 01:55:16 PDT 2003

Hi all,

Here's a context diff against relaydelay version 0.04 that does the

1. Provides a Redhat style /etc/rc.d/init.d/relaydelay startup script
that works with chkconfig and prints the usual pretty output on startup
and shut down. So you can just cp it to /.etc/rc.d/init.d and do a
chkconfig --add relaydelay.
2. Adds 2 new options to the conf file: $run_as_daemon (which is self
explanatory) and $log_file so you can still have all the verbose output
dumped into a file instead of appearing all over STDOUT, which is fine
when running as a foreground app, but a pain if it's a daemon. The
$log_file option also caused me to change a couple of diagnostic
messages slightly. For example, I obviously couldn't output the "Loading
Config File" message to a log file before I knew from the config file
where to write the log file. Apart from this last (functionally
insignificant) change in the messages, if these new options are not set,
relaydelay will behave exactly as before.
3. A couple of bits of diagnostic output, for example "Attempting to
unlink local UNIX socket...", are now only output if $verbose is on.
Sorry if anyone doesn't like this change, it just made sense to me...
4. As well as forking a properly daemonized child to do the actual work,
then exiting, a signal handler is installed to handle a SIGQUIT
gracfully, i.e. A message for the log, a db_disconnect(), and an exit.
In case anyone's wondering, I chose SIGQUIT for this because I quite
simply couldn't get SIGTERM or SIGHUP to work this way. I think the
Milter engine must be masking them or something because they just get
ignored. SIGQUIT works fine, but if anyone has any idea why the others
won't I'd be grateful for the insight.
5. Finally I changed the code for a couple of error conditions from
using print then exit to using die, really just to make the style

I've been running the above in production (Redhat 7.3, with perl 5.8.0)
for a day or so without any apparent problems so far. It also seems to
work fine on my Redhat 8.0 test box.

Herewith then, the patch...

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