[Greylist-users] greylisting implementation

Morris Maynard morris at maynidea.com
Thu Apr 1 06:04:42 PST 2004

Relaydelay.pl form Evan Miller is working fine for me in more than one site
- but with a patch I mention on my site at
I know that relaydelay is supposed to be functionally complete as-is, but I
couldn't get things to work without the patch. I put a how-to for my
specific setup procedure on the site. I used sendmail-milter 0.18 and MySql
with no problems. The interface in relaydelay is specific to postgresql, but
it's not a very long script so perhaps switching is something you could

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Hi people:

I am about to deploy a big installation with greylisting and sendmail 
(probably). I just wanted to know what greylisting implementation do you 
recommend me to use. I ask this because I think (maybe I am wrong) that 
the greylisting implementation made by Evan Harris is more focused in 
explaining the mechanism than in being functionality complete.

So far I have seen his implementation (relaydelay) and the 
greylist-milter (although I have not used it yet).

Any suggestions are appreciated.

With regards

Ricardo Kirkner

PD: if you recommend me to use the relaydelay implementation, should I 
use Sendmail::Milter or PMilter? Can I use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL?

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