[Greylist-users] greylisting implementation

Tom Haapanen tomh at motorsport.com
Thu Apr 1 13:53:09 PST 2004

We run greylisting, the spamassassin milter and ClamAV milter with 
sendmail 8.12.  That's three new sendmail server installations this 
year.  It really isn't that hard to set up if you have basic Unix 
sysadmin skills.

Now, some of the old sendmail configs, back when you had to handcraft 
.cf rules, those were pretty hairy.  But sendmail is proven and robust, 
and if you can figure out how to build a threaded version of perl, 
sendmail configuration will be a piece of cake.


On 2004-04-01 12:34, kamal wrote:

>>> I am about to deploy a big installation with greylisting and 
>>> sendmail (probably).
>> *Sendmail* for a new installation! :-)
> Can you please suggest some other reliable combination of mail server 
> and anti-spam software. I think Evan's implementation of greylisting 
> and MIMEDefang with spamassassin are good, and I guess they work with 
> sendmail only.
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