[Greylist-users] relaydelay issues

Evan Harris eharris at puremagic.com
Thu Apr 15 15:04:12 PDT 2004

It's harmless.  Check the archives for more details.

Relaydelay tempfails (in most cases) while checking the RCPT.
Sendmail/milter doesn't decide until after that point if the recipient is
valid or not (in case the milters rewrite addresses), so unless you turn on
the option to delay the tempfail until afterr the DATA phase, you can't do

I actually prefer it this way, because it makes it more difficult for
spammers to check if email addresses are valid.  Since their initial result
is always the same, they can't tell if an email is valid or dead unless they
wait for the block to timeout and try again.


On Fri, 16 Apr 2004, kamal wrote:

> I am facing a couple of issues with relaydelay
> 1. relaydelay.pl gives an error like:
> Argument "2,2" isn't numeric in numeric gt (>) at
> /usr/local/bin/relaydelay.pl line 381
> Sometimes a similar error comes at line 891
> Both lines have: if($rowids > 0)
> Is it harmless, or some problem?
> 2. An invalid recipient(unknown user) is also tempfailed for the first
> time. Isn't it better to let sendmail reject such recipients, because
> database remains small? Can I configure this?
> Thanks.

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