[Greylist-users] greylisting going large

Cami camis at mweb.co.za
Wed Apr 28 22:58:47 PDT 2004

> I had it running for a few days with 500+ users.  I had to turn it off 
> for other reasons (milters broke my majordomo).  I'm still running it on 
> our corporate server.  But the greylisting saves SO MUCH other 
> processing on your mail server that it reduces your overall resource 
> load significantly.  When I turn it on again, I'll actually measure it.
> I had similar results to the previous posting with well over 90% mail 
> failed and not retried.  A personal spam pot of mine went from over 300 
> messages/day to 1.  You will have cycles and ram to spare with 
> greylisting.  Think about reducing the load on your mail daemon by 
> 90+%.  Then think about also 90+% less load on spamassassin, which can 
> be a real resource hog.  It is also 90+% less load on your virus scanner 
> if you have one because virus mail engines don't retry.  Overall a major 
> win.

Sounds promising.. But how is mysql going to handle storing all those
millions of rows? The testing i've done, even with an indexed database
started showing sluggish responses when it hit >5 million rows..

I'm currently in the process of writing a Greylisting daemon in C
with mysql as a backend.. When done i'll post it here if anyone
wants it..


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