[Greylist-users] /etc/mail/access file simple implementation

Adrian de los Santos demon at demon.com.mx
Wed Dec 15 11:59:13 PST 2004

I just installed and tested graylist today and found that it does not 
take care of the /etc/mail/access file (i use it for pop before smtp 
access) so i create a simple code for the relaydelay.pl program.

Here is it:

  # Check for local IP relay whitelisting from the sendmail access file
  # FIXME - needs to be implemented
   my $swpass=0;
   while(<ACC>) {
         my @fields=split(/\s+/,$_);
         my $ip_addr = $fields[0];
         my $action = $fields[1];
         if("$ip_addr" eq "$relay_ip" && "$action" eq "RELAY" )
                 print "  IP found on Acess File, Passing Mail!\n" if 
    if ($swpass)
       reverse_track($dbh, $mail_from, $rcpt_to) if 
($reverse_mail_tracking and $rcpt_mailer !~ /\Alocal\Z/i);
       goto PASS_MAIL;

If by any chance this code can be improved, please tell me.. im 
submitting this code so others can benefit from it.

Thanks and sorry for my english.

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