[Greylist-users] relaydelay forks?

Anders Ekstrom Anders.Ekstrom at Fysik.UU.SE
Mon Dec 20 04:23:59 PST 2004

The environment PMILTER_DISPATCHER=prefork gives a lot of relaydelay 
processes but works without any error states.

A remaining error is that

my $tmp = $ctx->getsymval("{_}"); does not put anything in $tmp.

This makes $relay_ip undefined and thus disables the use of white and 
black lists.

$if_addr, $mail_mailer, $rcpt_mailer and $sender are set by 
$ctx->getsymval though.

My sendmail is 8.13.2 with SendMail_PMilter-0.95

Any hint on how to solve this would be mych appreciated.

>Running relaydelay-0.04 on some digital unix boxes with osf4.0g. 
>Perl version is 5.8.5.
>Quite often sendmail complains about
>milter_read(relaydelay): cmd read returned 0, expecting 5
>and enters an error state.
>What seems to happen is that my relaydelay proccess forks so that 
>there are two processes running for some minutes. Then the spawned 
>process dies bye it self and things work as they should until the 
>next fork.
>I suppose I've made som big mistake when installing but where?
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