[Greylist-users] best mail server for graylisting

Tom Haapanen tomh at motorsport.com
Sun Feb 22 10:06:23 PST 2004

Christopher Baker wrote:

>Thanks, we have only 50-60 users getting mail. I don't expect quite that
>volume. I will use Exim, because it seems like a lot of people think
>Sendmail is tough.
>It will be a "front door" for Exchange.
Ours is a gateway for Exchange as well.

The actual volume depends really more on spam than anything else.  We 
have about 80 people behind our gateway, but since some of our domains 
have been around for a rather long time (10 years or so) we get a ton of 
spam.  The other greylisting server I run has only about 10 active users 
but gets over 5000 message attempts per day!

Personally I believe that the complexity of modern sendmail is 
exaggerated.  Setting up a .mc file is relatively simple.  But I have 
never used Exim, so I can't really comment on its advantages or 


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