[Greylist-users] best mail server for graylisting

Christopher Baker chris at chrisbaker.net
Sun Feb 22 11:29:41 PST 2004

How long in real time will it take me to get this all set up anyway? I
know this is kind of a tough question.

Basically we have our e-mail hosted outside by a hosting company. We
recently signed up with a new hosting company, but I haven't transfered
anything over yet (mailboxes and MX records). This new hosting company
is also doing our partial T1 connection.

I am wondering if I should do the transfer now and then set up
graylisting or if I should try to get the graylisting set up right now.
I am using Exim on SuSE and don't have much experience with Linux mail
servers at all.

Can I get it done in a week? If I can, I will just wait and change the
domain over to point to us.


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