[Greylist-users] best mail server for graylisting

Tom Haapanen tomh at motorsport.com
Sun Feb 22 12:05:33 PST 2004

On 2004-02-22 14:29, Christopher Baker wrote:

>How long in real time will it take me to get this all set up anyway? I
>know this is kind of a tough question.
>Can I get it done in a week? If I can, I will just wait and change the
>domain over to point to us.
Download relaydelay.  2 minutes.  : )

Install MySQL from a binary (does SuSE use RPMs?  I know little about 
Linux) and test.  Install the relaydelay database using the supplied 
script.  Add a new user and grant rights to it to the relaydelay 
database.  Maybe 1-2 hours if you haven't seen MySQL before.

Build and/or install a threaded version of perl.  This is probably the 
toughest part unless you can find a binary.  1-4 hours depending on your 
experience level. 

Install Bundle::DBI and DBD::mysql for perl (use perl -MCPAN -e shell).  
For sendmail you would also need Sendmail::Milter, don't know about 
Exim.  This part is less than 30 minutes.

Copy relaydelay config file to the right place (/etc/mail for sendmail) 
and modify the settings to what you want.  Remember to set the database 
user ID and password.  Maybe 30 minutes max.

Copy relaydelay.pl to an appropriate location (/usr/local/sbin or 
similar).  Modify your rc stuff to start it up automatically after 
boot.  Run relaydelay.pl manually, make sure that it starts, then Ctrl+C 
it to kill it.  30 minutes max here, too.

Start relaydelay.pl using your startup script.  Configure your mail 
system to use relaydelay.pl, and restart it.  Not much time here, either.

Overall, worst case would be about a day if you aren't experienced or 
comfortable with this stuff, I think.


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