[Greylist-users] Error: Attempt to free unreferenced scalar (relaydelay-0.4)

Harald Hutter hutter at ihs.ac.at
Mon Feb 23 09:31:32 PST 2004


Finally I solved the problem, see posting
"Error: Attempt to free unreferenced scalar (relaydelay-0.4)" from
"Friday 06 February 2004".

After upgrading to perl 5.8.3 and debugging the code I found out
that relaydelay wasn't able to get a connection through the $global_dbh.

It seems the perl-Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2219-327.rpm shipped
with SuSE9.0 are not really thread save. 

If you use SuSE 9.0 I suggest to install DBD-mysql-2.9003.

However I have not tested this with perl5.8.1 shipped with
SuSE 9.0. 


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