[Greylist-users] default timeout values - what do people suggest

Bob Beck beck at bofh.cns.ualberta.ca
Tue Feb 24 08:25:57 PST 2004

	As you probably know from my previously posted diff, I'm
trying to put an mta independed implementation of greylisting into
OpenBSD that we do with our little spamd tarpit daemon, and our packet
filter, pf. My question for the list is what should we distribute as our
"default" timeouts with this setup. What I'm currently using (based on
personal experience and Evan's paper) is the following:

#define PASSTIME (60 * 30) /* pass after first retry seen after 30 mins */
#define GREYEXP (60 * 60 * 4) /* remove grey entries after 4 hours */
#define WHITEEXP (60 * 60 * 24 * 36) /* remove white entries after 36 days */

	I do 30 minutes rather than an hour, because since spamd is
not actually the real mta, but rather a little minimalist daemon in a
chroot jail, it doesn't actually pass the mail when it whitelists it. rather
it adds an entry to a packet filter table that then allows the next retry
to hit the real mta, rather than itself. I.E. first attempt, 450 - first one
after 30 mins, 450, and you hit the real mta with the next retry.

      I'm interested in thoughts or opinions as of what those defaults
should be to be most useful as distributed with the OS. (assuming I can
get enough eyes on the code to get it into 3.5 :) What are people *actually*
using as well?

      Thanks in advance,
Bob Beck                                   Computing and Network Services
beck at bofh.ucs.ualberta.ca                           University of Alberta
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