[Greylist-users] default timeout values - what do people suggest

Franck Arnaud franck at nenie.org
Tue Feb 24 09:16:16 PST 2004

Bob Beck:

> to hit the real mta, rather than itself. I.E. first attempt, 450 - first one
> after 30 mins, 450, and you hit the real mta with the next retry.

Requiring three attempts makes it more likely that the real delivery 
attempt will be later than 4 hours (say if a MTA has a limit 
of 3 attempts a day per message).

>       I'm interested in thoughts or opinions as of what those defaults
> should be to be most useful as distributed with the OS.

Have you thought about using random ranges rather than fixed 
values? So say pass time is given as a range, say "30 to 120 minutes",
and the program choses some random value in this range, so it 
makes it harder for an opponent to optimise for a fixed value.
A bit like using random number in packet IDs or start sequence 

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