[Greylist-users] default timeout values - what do people suggest

Morris Maynard morris at maynidea.com
Wed Feb 25 08:52:54 PST 2004

Well, I, for one, was way confused. Could you possibly call it something
else, since spamd is already (IMHO) well-established?

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On Tue, 24 Feb 2004 09:25:57 -0700 Bob Beck <beck at bofh.cns.ualberta.ca>

> 	As you probably know from my previously posted diff, I'm
> trying to put an mta independed implementation of greylisting into
> OpenBSD that we do with our little spamd tarpit daemon, and our packet
> filter, pf.

FWIW, SpamAssassin's daemon component is also called spamd; this may
cause some confusion down the line...

-- Bob

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