[Greylist-users] How do you know when you are ready?

Franck Arnaud franck at nenie.org
Wed Feb 25 14:52:46 PST 2004

Alan Batie:

> One thing different is that qgreylist only uses the ip address, and uses
> the filesystem as the database: essentially "touch ip-address" and then
> check the file timestamp.

I also use the filesystem as the database ("ip_emailfrom_emailto", 
with the email address filtered for safe characters and max length), 
this works fine.

> I modified it to make a path out of the ip address to keep the 
> directory from getting too large,

With some filesystems like reiserfs on Linux, several million 
entries should be fine, it is designed to cope with lots 
of small files (I've not tested it though, my site is too 

> and I don't think you're going to get spam and legit mail from
> the same ip address.

Using the IP only you do lose some effectiveness, because when 
spammers do send multiple spams from 1 IP, they usually cycle 
their from addresses, which is perfect for greylisting with 

If you have several users, and their addresses can be collected 
from the same place, you may also lose some protection by not 
using the to address.

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