[Greylist-users] How do you know when you are ready?

Morris Maynard morris at maynidea.com
Thu Feb 26 05:45:55 PST 2004

BTW, I found the following information at:


Signal Handling
libmilter takes care of signal handling, the filters are not influenced
directly by signals. There are basically two types of signal handlers:
Stop: no new connections from the MTA will be accepted, but existing
connections are allowed to continue.
Abort: all filters will be stopped as soon as the next communication with
the MTA happens.
Filters are not terminated asynchronously (except by signals that can't be
caught). In the case of Abort the xxfi_abort callback is invoked.

You probably already saw this, but if not, perhaps it helps with your

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Hi all,

I wrote the patch Morris is referring to (the original post is at
ml), but this is the first time I've become aware anyone else is using it.

Anyway, I'm still interested in whether anyone has figured out the answer
'4', i.e. why I could only get SIGQUIT to work, not the seemingly more
sensible SIGTERM or SIGHUP. I didn't get an answer then, so I'm not really
expecting one now, but here's hoping someone has indeed had an insight
then. :-)


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I didn't mention specific debugging techniques in the last post.

I highly recommend installing the patches which redirect output to a
logfile. I have posted the details at
http://www.maynidea.com/sendmail/relaydelay.html. You can also google for
"relaydelay daemon" to find the original link (I think it's on this list
somewhere but we can't search archives AFAIK). (I did not created this
code.) Then you can set verbose in your conf and monitor the logfile
whenever you want.

I also find phpMyAdmin extremely useful in looking at the database,
modifying the block expire times, etc.

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