[Greylist-users] Whitelisting troubles

Ricardo Kirkner ricardo at fcen.uba.ar
Fri Jan 9 08:50:38 PST 2004


I am trying the whitelisting stuff in relaydelay.pl script (i tried both
the cvs and the 0.04 release), and I am having some troubles...

After the part where the script prints

Stored Sender....

there comes a line where it opens a connection to the DB. It is there
where the script somehow hangs (i have added debug lines in the code so
that after executing the db_connect line it should print some stuff, but
it never reaches the print statement). Curiously it does not seems to be
a DB error, because it does not reach the DB_FAILURE label either (it
should print an error message that it does not), so I am just out of

I have tried both with a local DB and with a remote DB, and in both
cases I get the same results.

Have you any thoughts on this?

Ricardo Kirkner

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