[Greylist-users] Multiple milters

Ricardo Kirkner ricardo at fcen.uba.ar
Fri Jan 9 10:00:19 PST 2004

> In sendmail, the milters are checked in the order they are defined in the
> config.  So if you want greylisting to always have the first shot, define it
> as the first milter, and make sure your other milter doesn't do anything
> until the eom callback (greylisting is guaranteed to have blocked it before
> then if it is going to).
> Evan
If I have the other milters start on the eom callback, wouldn't they
have to accept the entire message (including body) before they can be

The milters I am trying to run do some checking on the mail_from and
rcpt_to headers, in order to reject the mail before it comes in.
Since this checking can be heavy (onto the machine's load) I want to
avoid doing it if greylisting reports a tempfail.

In thi case, shouldn't I do my milters at most in the eoh callback ?

With regards,

Ricardo Kirkner

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